Japanese Tea Adviser – Japanese Tea Certification

About a Japanese Tea Adviser

A Japanese Tea Adviser is a beginner-level certification that qualifies individuals to provide advice to consumers and assist Japanese Tea Instructors. This certification is awarded by the NPO Japan Tea Instructor Association, which was established in 2002 with the goal of promoting Japanese tea, preserving Japanese tea culture, and creating new aspects of tea culture. The association also offers intermediate-level certification as a Japanese Tea Instructor and advanced-level certification as a Japanese Tea Master.

Recommended Candidates for Certification

Japanese Tea Advisor certification is recommended for individuals who fit the following criteria:

– Individuals with an interest in Japanese tea.
– Those interested in food education.
– Individuals who want to work in Japanese tea cafes or retail stores.

Activities of a Japanese Tea Adviser

With a Japanese Tea Adviser certification, you can engage in various activities, including:

– Providing advice to consumers at Japanese tea retail stores.
– Assisting in Japanese tea classes.
– Supporting tea-related events.

Ways to Obtain Certification

There are three ways to obtain Japanese Tea Adviser certification:

1. Examination Course: 
Under this option, you can study through the Japanese Tea Adviser correspondence course and then take the Japanese Tea Adviser certification exam. This course is suitable for those who prefer self-paced learning at the beginner level.

2. Correspondence Course Course:
After completing the Japanese Tea Instructor correspondence course, you can apply for the Japanese Tea Adviser certification. This option is suitable for those who aspire to become Japanese Tea Instructors and need intermediate-level training.

3. On-Site Course:
Enroll in a Japanese Tea Adviser training school to study and obtain the certification through on-site learning. This is recommended for those who want to learn alongside like-minded individuals.

Certification Exam Overview

Exam Date: Mid-November
Application Period: August 1st to August 31st
Announcement of Results: Late November
  (1) Must be 18 years old or older (as of April 1st of the following year).
  (2) Must have completed (or be expected to complete) the “Practical Training Seminar” conducted by the Japan Tea Instructor Association.
Examination Fee: ¥21,000 (including tax)
Examination Method: Written examination (multiple-choice questions using a mark sheet)
Exam Fields: History of tea, overview of the tea industry, tea cultivation, tea production methods, tea utilization, tea health science, tea chemistry, tea quality inspection and assessment, tea brewing methods, instruction techniques.
Examination Locations: Sapporo, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kagoshima (planned)

Preparation for Certification

To prepare for the Japanese Tea Adviser certification, an efficient learning option is the “Japanese Tea Adviser Correspondence Course.” This course includes textbook-based learning and direct instruction in tea assessment methods during a one-day practical training seminar. Progress can be checked through report submissions via correspondence. The course covers fundamental knowledge of Japanese tea, skills, and instruction techniques, enabling you to serve as an adviser connecting tea and consumers.

Course Enrollment Period: April 1st to late July (standard study period is 3-4 months)
Course Fee: ¥29,700 (including tax)

Japanese Tea Adviser Certification Pass Rate

According to the official website of the Japan Tea Instructor Association, the final pass rate for the Japanese Tea Adviser certification exam is approximately 70-80%.

For additional information about the application process and other details regarding the Japanese Tea Adviser certification, please visit the official website: https://www.nihoncha-inst.com

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