Japanese Tea Certification(Nihoncha Kentei)

About Japanese Tea Certification

Japanese Tea Certification is an exam conducted by the Japan Tea Instructor Association with the aim of helping many people understand the depth and charm of Japanese tea. This certification is suitable for beginners in Japanese tea learning, as it allows individuals to acquire knowledge about Japanese tea through specialized educational materials. It can be taken conveniently online.

Recommended Candidates for Certification

– People who want to learn about the enjoyment of Japanese tea.
– Those who have recently developed an interest in Japanese tea.
– Individuals who want to enjoy Japanese tea even more.
– People who are unsure where to begin when learning about Japanese tea.
– Those who are considering obtaining the Japanese Tea Adviser certification.

Japanese Tea Certification Exam Details

Examination Method: Conducted online.
Question Format: The exam consists of two parts, each with 50 questions, totaling 100 questions. Questions are presented in true/false and multiple-choice formats.
Exam Topics: All questions are based on the official educational material for the Japanese Tea Certification, “A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Tea.”
First Part Exam: Tea profile, how to brew delicious tea, the tea-making process, health benefits of tea, various aspects of tea.
Second Part Exam: Components of tea, tea cultivation, tea production, distribution and consumption, history and culture of tea, tea assessment.

Exam Fee: ¥3,300 (including tax).
Exam Dates: The Japanese Tea Certification exam is held three times a year in February, June, and October.
Announcement of Results: Approximately 10 days after the end of the examination period, results are displayed on the dedicated website. Successful candidates will receive a certification.

For additional information about the Japanese Tea Certification, including registration details, please visit the official website: https://www.nihoncha-inst.com

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