Healing tea terrace in a tea plantation

Tea Terrace Chanoma(Shizuoka)

Tea Terrace Chanoma is spread across tea fields within Shizuoka Prefecture, offering visitors the chance to enjoy tea on the terrace while indulging in a luxurious moment.

Tea Terrace Chanoma can be found at six locations throughout the prefecture, including Shizuoka City, Shimada City, and Fuji City. These locations encompass captivating views, such as the “Obuchi Sasaba Tea Terrace,” providing a glimpse of Mount Fuji across the tea fields, and the “Golden Tea Terrace,” where the golden-colored  “Kogane Midori” tea variety grows naturally, creating a beautiful scenery.

The utilization of the tea terraces operates on a complete reservation basis for 90 minutes, and guests are welcome to bring their own items. Furthermore, tea crafted by local farmers who tend to the tea fields is served. The experience of savoring tea within the expansive openness of the tea fields is truly exceptional. Don’t miss the opportunity to relish this unique and invaluable experience that can only be encountered at Tea Terrace Chanoma.

Tea Terrace Chanoma
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