Offering tea gelato with a choice of roast degree

Maruzen Tea Roastery(Shizuoka)

Maruzen Tea Roastery is a Japanese tea cafe located in Shizuoka City. It is situated in the Gofukucho Shopping Street, a bustling shopping district just an 8-minute walk from the north exit of Shizuoka Station.

Established by the Shizuoka-based tea wholesaler Maruzen Seicha in 2018, Maruzen Tea Roastery was renewed in 2023 under the ownership of WithFun Food Inc. This cafe offers a unique experience of enjoying tea and tea gelato roasted at temperatures ranging from 0°C to 200°C.
The cafe features an in-house roasting studio where tea leaves are roasted using various temperatures, resulting in a range of flavor profiles available on the menu.

The tea gelato menu includes a variety of options based on different roasting temperatures: “Matcha” and “Aracha” roasted at 0°C, “Gyokuro” at 80°C, “Mild Roast Sencha” and “Rice Roast Genmaicha” at 130°C, and “Brown Roast Hojicha” at 160°C, along with seasonal gelato flavors, making a total of 10 offerings.

Using carefully selected premium tea leaves from Maruzen Seicha, the tea gelato captures the fresh aroma and flavors of Japanese tea.

Their Japanese tea menu features 10 different types of teas, ranging from “Light Roast Sencha” roasted at 100°C to “Dark Roast Hojicha” roasted at 200°C, all brewed using a meticulous hand-drip method.

The cafe’s interior has a stylish atmosphere with a predominantly white color scheme. They also offer tea for purchase at the counter.

On the second floor, you’ll find a spacious cafe area characterized by its impressive white walls. This area provides a tranquil setting to enjoy a leisurely tea time.

Store information 
Address: 2-2-5 Gofuku-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City
Phone: 054-251-7783
Opening hours: 11am-7pm 
Closed on Wednesdays
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