Popular Japanese Tea Cafes in Singapore


Located in the heart of Singapore, the historic complex of buildings known as “Chijmes” has been repurposed into a popular destination featuring restaurants and bars. The site was originally a Catholic convent dating back to the 19th century.

Within this complex lies the Japanese tea-themed cafe called Hvala.

 Established in 2015, it currently operates four branches throughout Singapore.

The flagship store of Hvala at Chijmes garners long queues daily, drawing attention mainly from the younger generation in Singapore.

The interior of the cafe features a modern design with a conscious minimalist approach. In this tranquil atmosphere, visitors can enjoy a leisurely tea time.

The cafe offers ample space with counter seats, table seating, sofa areas, and even traditional Japanese-style seating where patrons can relax while sitting on cushions without shoes.

The drink menu encompasses a wide array of offerings including popular options like matcha, as well as sencha, hojicha, genmaicha, kamairicha(pan-fired tea), and gyokuro(shaded green tea). The staff meticulously prepares each cup of tea.

The MATCHA HOJICHA LATTE, a blend of matcha and roasted green tea, stands out as a popular choice among the latte options.

The matcha used is sourced from Uji, Kyoto.

Hvala also offers a selection of sweets such as waffles, cakes, and sorbets.

Their selection of matcha-based desserts is diverse, featuring items like matcha affogato, matcha parfait, and matcha mont blanc.

Within the cafe, various tea-related items, including tea and chasen (tea whisks), are available for purchase.

Hvala is a valuable establishment in Singapore for those seeking an authentic experience with Japanese tea. If you happen to visit Singapore, be sure to stop by this unique destination.

Store Information
Address: 30 Victoria Street, Chijmes, Singapore 
Opening hours: 12am-8:30pm
Open seven days a week
View website 

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